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Help us with our reforestation efforts, sponsor a plant and create a haven for humans and animals alike!

We have planted 650 trees since August 2018, on what was mainly barren land, impoverished by years of neglect and/or agrochemical treatment on those parts of the land that were still cultivated. We plant trees that have a nutritional, medicinal or other value for humans and animals alike, in order to create a “food forest” in which food is produced every month of the year, yes, winters included!


We’ve also planted approximately 1100 low plants and bushes to stabilize slopes against erosion. Some of the ancestral retaining walls that terrace our hill are more than 400 years old and all are collapsing here and there: while we slowly undertake the job of repairing approximately 5 kilometres of traditional and ancestral walls, we first plant natural erosion barriers to contain further collapse: climate change makes it so that the region is now drenched by very heavy rains during the winter months. 


Our goal is to plant 1200 trees, and 4000 bushes/plants on the land so to fully repair it and stabilize the slopes.  


A tree is expensive. Depending on the age and the type of tree, costs range from 7 euros to 100 Euros.  We realised that the task is financially impressive, which is how we started asking for private contributions to our effort.


We will name the trees and create botanical nameplates with the name of their sponsor! We will keep all our sponsors apprised of their tree’s growth, year after year!

20.11.11 second line of cedars-2.jpg

Available Plants and Trees




Laurus nobilis


Olea Europaea (Olive Tree)

Grapes (wine and table)



Lagestroemia indica (Myrtle)

Paulownia Tomentosa











Email us with your PayPal receipt, name and plant of choice to stay updated on your tree's growth!

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