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We provide online or in-person individual executive or life coaching, and couple coaching sessions, which you can book anytime during your stay. We also organise in-person intensives and residential coaching retreats for groups, which may include the support of other accredited professionals. Perhaps you wish to discuss how to reach a higher level in your corporate career and prepare to meet new challenges as you progress professionally? You may need a breakthrough to explore new areas but you are getting stuck? Or, alternatively, you may have concerns that you wish to address skilfully, whether it is related to your career or business, stress, feelings of exhaustion and burnout, and other personal issues? We can tailor a program to help you move past these hurdles, and find answers.

If your questions are specifically related to your career or business, we provide one on one executive coaching: leadership development, next step career advice, behaviour modification, work-life balance, and career transition coaching. Whether you’re a working professional seeking career advice, or a business owner seeking an experienced coach, Jean-Louis has the knowledge and insight to help you unleash your full professional potential.


If your questions are of a more personal nature and relate to life changes, relationships or other challenging matters, we provide life coaching services. Pascale is an American Psychological Association (APA) member, and has the professional experience to act as your springboard and support you in navigating your way through the issues you want to address.


Larger groups will also be accompanied by other accredited professionals: Please contact us with your requirements, we will be happy to prepare a proposal for you. If you are interested in team building experiences, we recommend you book a vine or olive harvest with us, it will definitely test, and build, your team spirit!


Jean-Louis' and Pascale's credentials are available on their Linked In pages and we invite you to check them out below. 

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