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Bespoke Private  Retreats

Give yourself the space you need with our private retreats. Dates, lengths of stay, and programs are flexible. Book as a solo guest or even book the whole place if there's a group of you (contact us to check date availability and special group rates). Our immersive wellness and rural retreats are an all-encompassing blend of restorative activities that completely immerse you in yourself and in the natural world. It is the most attentive way to completely disconnect from your daily grind, relax, and rediscover your connection with self and nature. Casa do Moinho provides the setting and discreet support you need to strengthen your body, mind, and soul.


You choose from a wide range of options and design your own personal activity menu. If you prefer things a little bit more structured,  we offer 1, 3, and 5-day tailor-made retreats for solo guests as well as couples and small groups of friends. A retreat includes accommodation, breakfast, and a choice of yoga, coaching, nature immersion, and workshops or ateliers. We will also help you organise regenerative wellness therapies such as massage, reiki, and more. We will help you coordinate your explorations in the region, from wild swimming and water-based activities to guided tours and much more. Just ask, the region has a lot to offer!  While the Quinta can accommodate several guests at once, wellness and coaching retreats are highly individualised, and we keep it focused on you and your party. All the way through the duration of your stay we keep things small and cozy on purpose.


If you'd like to stay at the Quinta without taking part in any of our activities or if you want a more organic stay without booking a full retreat in advance, you're more than welcome to simply book your accommodation with us. We have B&B style rooms in the main building, some with a study if you intend to bring your work with you. We also have self-contained studios by the pool if you wish for a more private and secluded holiday.


If you have any questions about our accommodation and personalised or group retreats, feel free to email us. We will send you a schedule of what we offer and activities for the year.

Our Digital Detox  'Hands Free' Option

A digital detox is just what it sounds like, a detox from everything digital. We recommend for your stay at Casa do Moinho that you avail of our “hands-free” option, where we create internet free zones around the property. By handing in your devices in our “hands-free” option, or at the minimum choosing to stay in an internet-free bedroom, you are ensuring a complete disconnection from the digital world, which is guaranteed to enhance your reconnection with the natural world, and with yourself.


Naturally, this option seems drastic! We can simply show you ways of simplifying your relationship with your devices, specifically your phone and tablet!

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