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Welcome to our Quinta

Our ‘Quinta’ can be found on the fringes of a little farming village in the Penela region of central Portugal, a peaceful place, that lies tucked away in a luscious, green, nature-filled basin with hills and mountains carving out the horizon on all sides.

If you’re looking for a tranquil and serene atmosphere where you can immerse yourself in calming nature, this is certainly it.

The property itself is quite a large plot of land, with wine and olive trees, farmed land, an orchard, a food forest, a medicinal plants garden, and wild areas. The buildings are a mix of old and new and feature an old water mill and it's water networks. Restorations reflect the architectural identity of the region.

Bookings can be made for lodging only or can be tailored to include a number of activities (Please check our Offerings and Retreat Pages). We also offer residential rural workshops and group wellness retreats in the summer.

About the Quinta's Features and Amenities

Casa do Moinho is an all encompassing experience that offers many facilities and features to our guests. We have listed some of the main ones below.

Rooms to sooth the souls

Our guestrooms and self-contained studios are designed for comfort and simplicity. We opted for a quaint, calm, soothing kind of feel with a different theme for each room and building. We believe that, by setting spaces free from superfluous things, they take our guests back to their roots. Each bedroom is fitted with a super comfortable double, queen or king bed and a sitting area. Private quarters may also include your own study. We also have many living areas within the main building, where you can be as contained as you wish or as social as you desire. The open fireplace in the library and the fire burner stove in the atrium are perfect spots in winter.  You might prefer to sit in the shade and coolness of the two courtyards or the main lounge in summer.  All spaces and bedrooms are connected to high-speed internet, though we offer digital free options if you wish to wholly immerse yourself in your retreat.

Our Swimming Pool of Serenity

It’s really not just a swimming pool. We worked with a very talented architect here to create a space that offers much more than just deck chairs and sun loungers. While you are free to swim in the freshwater pool and lie back on the comfortable seating around it, we have also included tailored spaces and gardensfor meditation and yoga practice, and thoughtfully incorporated mood lighting and decoration to create an overall Feng Shui that encourages deep relaxation and serenity. This is where we come and practice yoga and meditation in summer and during warm spring or autumn days. There's always a breeze, and the views of the valley are refreshing.

The Orchard

Just to the back of the main building, you will find the orchard. Here we have planted all sorts of trees, each with its own unique character. Apples, peaches, pears, nectarines, oranges, and so many more, you name it. The orchard passes through a number of carefully fenced off sections and leads to a  meadow-like area where you will find an unobstructed view of the valley and the Serra de Sicó range, one of our favourite views from the property! You are free to wander around the orchard and our young food forests whenever you like, try out all the fruit straight from the tree, and just enjoy the wonderful views.

Meditation with a View

We believe in creating unique atmospheres for our guests, either deeply stimulating or soothing to the senses. The land within the property is spread out over a number of levels and terraces, and we have used the natural features of the land to create  many areas of relaxation that take full advantage of the views on offer. Whether you fancy ‘chilling out’ in one of our hammocks, doing a little yoga, walking barefoot on our grass lawns, or trying some meditation by the pond, you can do it in the most serene of surroundings. We have tended to a  number of raised meadow areas that are bursting with wild plants and flowers, immersed them in the sounds of nature, and equipped them with landscaped pond areas to attract birds and wildlife. It really is a truly calming experience, for mind, body, and soul.

Into the Wild

We have purposefully kept a third of the property wild so that nature can be left to thrive on its own. This helps to keep the land healthy, maintains and increases biodiversity, and adds to the soundtrack of nature around us. It’s definitely worth taking a few walks through these areas, it can really make you feel like you’re at one with the world again. There are numerous trails and hikes around the property and the village too! 

The region offers many activities and architectural or natural features that you can explore in half a day: fluvial beaches, caves, old castles, Roman ruins - in fact, a whole Roman City -, and more!

Sustainable Agriculture

The rest of the land is dedicated to growing our food, our olives, and our wine. Most food is served straight from our organic garden. You won’t go hungry at Casa do Moinho, and if you’ve never eaten food as fresh as that before, you are in for a treat! Expect plenty of delicious meal options. We do everything as naturally and sustainably as possible, and this provides benefits not only for the health of the land and for nature itself, but also for the quality of produce. Just wait until you taste what we have to offer, and you’ll understand why we do things the ‘natural’ way. We’re very passionate about how we do things on the farm and we’re more than willing to answer any questions you may have. You can even have a go at planting if you would like!

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