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All kinds of small-scale agricultural activities and organic/biodynamic experiments take place at  Casa do Moinho, and these are symbiotic and synergetic to our mind and body wellness offerings. We believe in regenerative, conscious farming. Casa do Moinho is self-sufficient for its production of organic olive oil, wine, and fruits. It also produces approximately 40% of the wholly organic vegetables and herbs served to guests, the remainder being sourced locally.  As soon as they’re dug up, we transform our produce into many delicacies!


You are invited to be as involved as you wish in the daily activities of the farm, and learn all things rural during your stay.  You can also attend the many short classes and workshops on organic food production that are offered throughout the year.  


If animal husbandry tickles you, we also have plenty of animals who all have jobs: the sheep are our lawnmowers, the ducks work on pest control, the chickens till the land, and the geese patrol the grounds….. All our animals are fully socialised and are used to human presence: you will have a great time interacting with them, they are wonderfully therapeutic and joyful!

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When you select a residential experience over a few days, especially when you choose our nature immersion retreat, you can partake in the workshops that we organise just about every month. We can also organise visits and outings to nearby villages that offer opportunities to learn cheese-making, bread baking, weaving and more. 


If you are interested in cooperative team work experiences, and you travel as a team, we recommend you partake in our vine or olive harvest that take place from late summer to mid autumn. Harvests build and test team spirit and create unforgettable memories!


Please check our Event page for a schedule of activities for 2022.  Rural themed workshops cover the annual rhythms of the land, and cover monthly tasks and activities from January to December. They are hands-on and highly experiential!  We cover an array of activities as they become relevant from spring to winter: 

     - Vineyard Care (Workshops follow the yearly life cycle) 

     - Pruning your orchard and other trees

     - Tree care: Emulsions and Whitewashes

     - Biodynamic Gardening: Applied concepts & following the yearly calendar

     - How to Compost (Biodynamic compost making) 

     - Preparing your Biodynamic Ferments and other useful fertilisers or medicines. 

     - Geese and Co: Raising and caring for your furry and feathered  farm friends

     - Olives: Tree care harvesting, oil making or pickling

     - The Herb Garden: Preserving and drying your herbs, for your teas or your home medicine cabinet

     - Planning and design of your food-producing areas

You can learn about all kinds of small scale agricultural activities and organic and biodynamic growing, when you opt for a residential stay, especially when you choose a nature immersion retreat. Principles you will learn can be easily applied to micro gardens and urban gardens.

Please consult our retreat package and events pages for more information about our farming and rural activities.

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