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Grape & Vineyard Care Series - Pruning the Vine: A Winter Job.

Casa do Moinho is not only a retreat and a place to relax, it also is an agricultural property where we produce wine, olive and other oils, fruits, herbs and vegetables.

We offer regular workshops on organic and regenerative practices, including 7 workshops a year on vineyard care and winemaking as we follow the calendar cycle of the vine.

We've made notes from one of our workshops supporting the first major activity of the year - Pruning. We offer similar workshops in olive grove care and olive oil making and others topics such as permaculture gardens, gardening techniques, and more.

Our notes are attached at the bottom of this blog post. If our in person workshops interest you, please contact us or check our Schedule & Events page for more information on upcoming workshops!

Vineyard Care - Pruning the Vine
Download PDF • 7.53MB

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